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The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award has been established to help Texans expand their vision of what is possible.  As we identify Texas businesses and leaders who are on a continuous improvement journey, we want to recognize their efforts – not only as an award for what they have accomplished, but to establish role models for lessons learned and to inspire others to improve and pursue their own journey of excellence.
Nominations for our 2023 Awards are open for submission. Your submissions will be safely stored and you will be contacted when we begin our evaluation process.
Nominating a Texas business you know would be a great opportunity to honor them, while possibly showcasing your own case study that helped them become more successful. Whether your organization provides financing, accounting, consulting, legal, human resources, marketing, technology, software, manufacturing, logistics or other services or products to Texas businesses, you likely have a customer, client or supplier that really stands out. Texas companies who believe they exemplify excellence are also welcome to self-nominate.
Nominated companies will be initially screened by Texas Consilium for suitability. Those companies passing this initial screening will be invited to participate further in the evaluation and promotional process.

There is no cost to nominate.  Each Nominee who passes the initial screening will be promoted by one or more Sponsors who agrees to support the Nominee's success throughout this process.  As the Nominator you may also be your Nominee's Sponsor, but you will have no obligation to do so.  Texas Consilium will seek sponsors to support each Nominee as needed.  All approved Nominees and their Nominators and Sponsors will be recognized, with final awards presented at our Texas Consilium Business Excellence Awards Dinner. For details and the latest event information, visit our website HERE.

Your responses may be copied and pasted directly from this survey, so please check your spelling, grammar, capitalization and accuracy.  While you may be able to complete this in less than 15 minutes, you may also find some questions that you want to give additional consideration before submitting.  That's fine.  Take as much time as you would like.  If you exit before completion you can come back in and resume where you left off, or edit any prior answers. Only after you hit "Submit" at the end will your answers be reviewed for qualification.

Please note that completing this nomination survey, while required for award consideration, does not guarantee your Nominee's inclusion.  Inclusion is subject to meeting certain criteria consistent with the mission, objectives and policies of the Texas Consilium. The information you enter is also subject to editing for style, accuracy or other reasons.

If you have questions, please contact Jim Ratchford, Executive Director, at jim.ratchford@txconsilium.org, or by phone to 800-892-2466 x7001.