Welcome to the "Health on the Web" Survey!

Dear Doctor,
We are carrying out, within the "Health on the Web" project, a survey aimed at evaluating the use, by the internist doctor, of digital tools (eg mobile applications, mobile health, sensors and other wearable devices, etc.). .) to promote patient empowerment.
In fact, while there is a broad consensus that the use of digital tools on a large scale would significantly improve the empowerment of the citizen / patient, however, to date, an appropriate assessment of the relationship between physician empowerment and citizen / patient empowerment has not yet been made in the current evolutionary panorama of national and international digital health care.
The Health on the Web-EFIM partnership arises from the consideration that, with the advent of new media and digital tools in health management, the internist positions herself/himself as a primary reference figure to guide the change towards the best citizen empowerment / patient.

The Health on the Web - EFIM project offers the unique opportunity to develop initiatives, tools, and services that enable the clinician to become the protagonist of change and offer citizens / patients to be adequately involved in clinical decisions about their health.

The "Health on the Web" project is conceived (2012) and coordinated by Dr. Letizia Affinito, Adjunct Professor Boston College-Woods College of Advancing Studies and St. John's University of Rome, author of the books "Empowering the Connected Physician in the E-Patient Era. How Physician’s Empowerment On Digital Health Tools Can Improve Patient Empowerment and Boost Health(care) Outcomes" (October 2018).
We kindly ask you to be an active part of this ambitious research project by responding to the following questionnaire which will be completed in no more than 15 minutes and give you the opportunity to immediately be entered in a random draw to win your "free participation" to the EFIM Annual Congress or to the FADOI Italian Congress.  
Your contribution will be invaluable for the achievement of the expected results which, we hope, can have a positive impact on your clinical practice. The dissemination of the questionnaire among your colleagues will be very appreciated.
The questionnaire is completely anonymous. However, at the end of the compilation you may indicate, optionally, your email address  and name in order to be entered in a random draw, which will give to the first 2 winners  the possibility to participate to the EFIM Annual Congress or to the FADOI Italian Congress if you are a member of the FADOI scientific association. In addition, you will receive a copy of the results of the survey or the invitation to participate in a possible presentation event. 

For more information: rc@brandnewmc.com.

Thank you for your participation!