The aim of the Future Skills survey is to assess current and future workforce demand and gaps in the Central West region.

This skills survey will ensure we have current data on where businesses have issues with recruitment and what occupations are needed to accurately represent the region’s future need.

Thank you for participating in the survey, the information gained will be valuable in assessing how and to what extent this demand can be met, skills gaps and shortages, and strategies for recruiting and retaining employees.

We hope to be able to measure the capacity of the region to meet current and future workforce needs and develop options and strategies which will, in turn, help to build and develop our region's businesses.

We appreciate this is an uncertain time for many businesses, employees and communities, and RDA Central West will continue to support our region as best we can.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Participation in this survey is voluntary and all data obtained will be kept confidential. Any responses entered are protected under RDA Central West's privacy policy. Names of respondents and organisations will not be linked to any information provided to other parties.
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