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Welcome! We appreciate your participation in this AEDP research study. In the following pages you will be asked to answer questions from several different psychological scales that are standardly used in the field for measuring different dimensions of psychological functioning*. Please plan to spend 45 minutes to an hour completing these scales.

Question Title

* 1. User ID

Please input your user ID. Your user ID should be your first and last initials, your therapist’s last name and the last four digits of your social security number.

For example:  if Anna Smith is seeing her therapist Jenny Young, and the last four digits of her social security number are 9999, Anna’s user ID would be ASYoung9999

The username above is all that’s needed: please enter it in this box and remember it for the future; nothing else is necessary.

*These scales are standard in the field, and some ask you questions about personal experiences.   While some respondents have reported gains from reflecting on how they function, others find these items to be uncomfortable or intrusive.  In addition, some respondents find certain questions to be gender-biased.  To ensure research accuracy, we are using the questionnaires in their original form.  Please let your therapist know if you experience any difficulties with any part of the research study. Your therapist is there for you to share any experiences that arose while you were answering the questionnaires.
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