Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is adding solar energy to our wholesale energy portfolio. While we are at it we thought we would ask if you might you be interested in owning a little solar energy yourself? If there is sufficient interest, your Cooperative may put together a “community solar garden” where members purchase a photo-voltaic panel or two and receive credit on their monthly bill for the output. 

Costs have not been determined but CVEC would have a third party construct and operate a solar array that would be collectively owned by a group of CVEC members.  We'll let everyone know the level of interest and then provide specific information if the project moves forward.

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* 1. Do you like the idea of a community solar garden?

* 2. Are you interested in purchasing a solar panel as part of your energy source?

* 3. Would you be responsible for the upfront cost of the panel and like to know more?

* 4. Would you consider installing solar on your home, business, church, or school?

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