Application Information


Up to three Bursaries will be awarded to cover the registration costs of the CUCCOA National Conference October 1-3, 2017 in St. John's NFLD. Bursary winners will be responsible for all other costs associated with attendance at the Conference including travel, accommodation and meals not covered by Conference Registration.

Bursary Criteria:
- Individuals and/or institutions may only receive the award once every 3 years
- Applicants must have their travel costs and time away from work approved by their supervisor
- Applicants must be a member (supplementary or primary) in good standing of CUCCOA
- Bursary recipients will be asked to contribute an article to the Fall 2017 edition of the CUCCOA newsletter “Clips” outlining their experience at the National Conference and how they plan to use the knowledge they gained by attending.
- Preference for bursary winners will go to applicants from outside the host region with preference given to awarding one bursary to an applicant from each of the other regions. If qualified candidates do not apply from each region then consideration will be given to:
* Awarding a bursary to an applicant from the host region
* Awarding 2 bursaries to the same region
* Only awarding 1 bursary

NOTE: If you are selected, your supervisor will be contacted to verify that time off to attend the conference will be approved, and that your institution will pay for all related travel and accommodation costs.

* 1. Name of Applicant

* 2. Institution

* 3. Position/Title

* 4. Phone

* 5. Email

* 6. CUCCOA Member Since

* 7. Type of Membership

* 8. CUCCOA Volunteer Work

* 9. Have you attended the national conference previously?

* 10. Have you attended the regional meeting for your region?

* 11. Describe the benefits of attending the CUCCOA National Conference to you and your institution.

* 12. How do you plan to share/use the knowledge you gain by attending the national conference to further your departmental goals, your institutional goals or CUCCOA in general?

* 13. Please provide the name, telephone and email of your supervisor as they will be contacted to verify that time off will be granted for the conference, and that your institution will pay for all travel and accommodations costs.