Welcome to IPA New Leader Services

First and second year principals and assistant principals need support and resources to thrive in their new positions so they can advance learning, innovation, and global citizenry in their schools through effective educational leadership. Research and exemplary practice have proven beyond any doubt that mentoring new administrators is essential in supporting increased performance as well as extending years in the role. The key to supporting leaders is helping them to reflect on practice, analyze strengths and areas for improvement, and collaborating to develop specific strategies to reach higher levels of performance. 
IPA provides these new leaders with two pillars of service through one-on-one mentoring services as well as through participation in a cohort-based Launching School Leaders Network program. A trained and experienced mentor will provide strategic probing, reflection, feedback, guided planning, support and motivation to sustain the administrator in those early leadership years. In addition to mentoring support, IPA also has a team of experienced administrator practitioners who lead a year-long Launching Network, providing opportunities for new administrators to network, learn from one another, as well as benefit from the experience and advice of those who have had proven success in the field. New administrators are highly encouraged to take advantage of both support systems during their early years as educational leaders.

Please provide the following information if you or your school leaders would like an IPA Mentor. You will have the opportunity to add enrollment in the Launching program as well.