Supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Diagnostic Excellence Initiative, the Closing the Recommendations Follow-up Loop Quality Measure Set focuses on the follow-up of treatable incidental findings and includes use-case measures for pulmonary nodule and abdominal aortic aneurysm incidental findings. Also contained within the set are communication measures applicable to radiologists, ordering clinicians, and patients.

Many revisions were made to the measure set since the first public comment period ended on January 7, 2021. As a result of the first public comment period, ACR collected and incorporated the public’s input on the measure set’s feasibility in practice, data capture, and ability to measure the intended actions. Thank you to all stakeholders who provided their feedback on the measure set during the first public comment period. 

We are now pleased to invite you to participate in the second public comment period! This is an opportunity to share comments on the measures specified for beta testing implementation. As an open-ended comment period, the measures will be made available on an ongoing basis, with revisions of the measures posted iteratively according to input from the beta testing sites and the public’s comment. 

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