SPRING 2022 Audition Application
Due: October 24, 2021

7% of survey complete.
INCOMING International & Graduate students: Before you begin your audition application, please make sure you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Apply to the University
Go to Cal State Apply. Information on how to apply is available at https://www.csun.edu/prospective-students.

IMPORTANT: All students MUST be accepted to BOTH the University and the Department of Music before they will be permitted to register for classes. Music applicants who do NOT meet academic or audition entrance requirements will NOT be eligible for enrollment at California State University, Northridge. Please go to www.csun.edu/anr/AdmissionStatus.html for CSUN's admission calendar which includes application dates and deadlines.

Step 2: Review audition requirements and major options available
Review the "Academic Programs" and "Audition and Placement" links before signing up to make sure you have the right requirements and that you have selected the major option that best fits your academic and career interests.

Step 3: Have your information ready. Just so that there are no surprises on what you need, check that you have all items below ready before you begin:
- Your contact information (address, phone, e-mail, etc.)
- Your CSUN student ID# (9 numerical digits)
- Your expected enrollment status (incoming freshman, incoming transfer, current CSUN student or graduate)
- Information on the last institution you attended (high school or college), G.P.A., private lessons taken, etc.
- Your instrument and desired degree/option in the Department of Music
- The name of the repertoire you have selected for your audition
- Prepare your essay if you are applying for a music scholarship (brief description - 500 characters or less - of the reasons you are applying for scholarship assistance, qualifications, and any financial need)

Once you have all items above, please click 'next' to proceed with the application process. If you have not applied to the University (Step 1), you cannot be considered for an audition and your audition request will be discarded.

Email the department if you have any questions on the above.

CSUN Music Department
Location: CY 116

Question Title

* Please acknowledge the information provided above in order to continue with the application:

IMPORTANT: Students with NO musical background or who never intended to audition should contact our department (music@csun.edu) to let us know of your decision not to audition. You CANNOT change your intended major at this point, so your application to the university cannot continue for the semester you applied for. Failure to pass the entrance audition will prevent you from enrolling at CSUN.
Online Video Auditions: Applicants will need to include a link from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, SketchFab or your personal webpage. (set it as "public" so that we can forward it to the appropriate faculty)

If you DO NOT have this information ready, please come back once you do to continue with the application process.
If you DO have this information ready, please click the "next" button to continue.