This survey is intended to identify the real challenges students face in trying to graduate, capture students' stories, and help humanize the issue. Students for Quality Education (SQE) will be sharing the results of this survey with the CSU Board of Trustees & the media. Please contact SQE with questions about this survey at


The CSU Board of Trustees will consider passing three new student fees on Nov 13-14 which will radically alter who will and will not graduate in the CSU. The fee proposals are as follows:

• $372 extra per unit if you exceed 150 semester units or 225 quarter units
• $100 extra per unit for re-taking a course AND you cannot enroll in more than 15 units
• $200 extra per unit for any additional units (beyond 16 units) in one term

CSU Chancellor Reed argues that these fees are necessary, making comments such as, “Students are gaming and abusing the system.” “It is the super-seniors fault, they are hogging all the seats.” “Double majors are greedy and taking all the classes.” “We want to make room for REAL students who will graduate in 4 years.”

Thank you for participating in this survey.