Concept Schools Student Survey 

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Do you have internet access at home?

* 4. What ethnic group describes you best?

* 5. What grade are you in?

* 6. How many years including this year have you attended current school?

* 7. Please choose the best option for the following questions.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure
My school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
My school staff cares about their students.
My school treats all students with respect and teaches all students to be tolerant of differences
My school administration communicates school's misson/vision/goals effectively.
My school has high academic expectations for all its students including me.
My school’s student population focuses on learning.
My school building has a positive climate and atmosphere for learning.
My school offers challenging classes.
My school makes sure that I have the books and supplies I need to do well in school.
My academic progress is on target.
My school promotes respectful collaboration among students, parents, and staff.
My school prepares me to do well on state, district, and school-wide assessments.
My teachers encourage me to think about my future.
My teachers always emphasize how important it is to go to college.
My teachers are available to talk with me about my learning.
My teachers and administrators know me by name.
My teachers want me to be in school and ask me why I was absent.
My school’s staff enforces the rules.
My school’s staff helps students improve their behavior when they break the rules.
My school promotes a drug-free environment.
My school makes sure that classrooms, and all rooms within the building, are safe and orderly.
My school building is neat, clean, and well maintained.
My parents ask me every day about what happened at school.
My parents are glad that I attend this school.
My school provides students with enough extra-curricular activities.
I think I deserve the grades that I receive.
I have more homework at this school than I had at my previous school.
I think I am learning more here than at the previous school I attended.
I think students at this school are more interested in learning than they were at my last school.
I have a computer available at school when I need one.
I believe students feel safe at this school.
I believe this school is a good choice for me.
I am satisfied with school breakfast and lunch.

* 8. Would you recommend this school for your friends?

* 9. What is great about this school?

* 10. In what areas do you think this school should improve?