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The "Is CSR changing business ?" survey is now extended until 31 March 2017.

This survey focuses on understanding how organizations are changing, from the inside. It is aimed at senior & middle managers (e.g. Head, or Deputy Head of BU, Department, Function or Section), in organizations with more than 2000 employees.

These managers play an important role in carrying out change toward more corporate responsibility and sustainability. They can spot what slows the transformation and how their organization's decisions can be improved. Respondents need not be CSR experts, and we look forward to receiving answers from sustainability non-specialists in particular.

The survey report will be made available to respondents (free of charge, personal copy, not shareable), at time of publication planned for May 2017.


The survey includes 37 questions and takes approximately 25 mins to answer: we appreciate your interest in this critically important subject for business worldwide. Identities and answers will be anonymized in the report.

The survey system is designed to allow you to save your inputs, exit and come back to finish later (but please test this). If you use a smartphone or a tablet, make sure you scroll right where mentioned. 

If you yourself do not belong to the target population but wish to receive the survey report, you can qualify by sending us the names and email addresses of potential target respondents, at The people you recommend will receive the questionnaire link on your behalf; if at least 5 of them complete the survey, we will share the survey report with you, free of charge.

This research is conducted by Early Strategies, an organizational change consultancy, in partnership with New Angles, a consultancy specialized in integrating sustainability into business.

For any questions please contact us at:
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