Tell us more about Dartmouth's Most Valued Community Services

The Master Plan Project team put together a list of significant Community Services and Facilities as a starting point for the Master Plan’s Community Service and Facilities Chapter. This list is not meant to be exhaustive; rather, like many features of a Master Plan, it’s a starting point for a concrete discussion designed to guide public policy and make priorities more clear.

Please take a moment to review the following questions, selecting and describing your use of Dartmouth's municipal services, buildings, and other properties. If we missed any service or facility in these categories, let us know in the last section of the survey.

Facilities include the buildings that Dartmouth maintains, staffs, and makes available for public use in support of the local government mission to steward community assets and preserve the quality of life in town. Services include goods we typically think of like water and sewer management, or police and fire services, but also adequate staffing in town offices and the maintenance of certain processes, such as various town permit and facility reservation procedures, and the formation of Boards and Commissions to consider specific topics, among other potential government services.