1. CSHEMA EHS Salary Survey 2017

11% of survey complete.

Thank you for participating in the 2017 CSHEMA Salary Survey.  The survey includes generic job descriptions for typical Campus EH&S positions.  Please review these job descriptions and match your positions as closely as possible to these generic job descriptions.  Enter the most recent salary data (salary only).    If you have more than one person fitting each position, please list each separately if possible as each one will likely have different education and experience levels affecting salaries.  Please include education and experience levels for each position. Please use the codes provide for each education level in the space provided.  If you have positions that do not neatly fit in any of those provided below, there are spaces provided at the end of the survey under “other” you may utilize to provide a brief description along with the data.   Also, please indicate your cost of living index using the link provided on that part of the survey.  If you are reporting for a small college please see definition below and check that box if appropriate. The Research and Survey CoP will normalize the data and provide it to all of the survey participants.

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