Family, Community, and Staff Input Survey

In preparation for school year 2018-19, all parents, community members and district staff are invited to review and comment on the District’s Student Success Guide (Code of Conduct).  The Guide provides students and parents/guardians an overview of expected student behavior and consequences for misbehavior.  The Guide also provides a list of community-based resources that families may access to help meet student or familial needs.   A copy of the current Guide can be found by clicking here: SSG. Please use this form to offer feedback about the current layout and suggestions for changes.  Space is available to provide your comments for each section.  If you have additional feedback on a section NOT included, please use the final section to provide us with this information.  Our goal is to have a Student Success Guide that is user-friendly and a valuable resource for students and families.  Please complete the survey no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2018.  Thank you.

* 1. Each section is clearly identified.

* 2. Each section is easy to read and understand.

* 3. The Guide provides students with useful information regarding how they are expected to behave in school.

* 4. The Guide provides parents with useful information regarding how their students are expected to behave in school.

* 5. The Guide provides useful information regarding consequences for misbehavior(s).

* 6. The Community Resources Section provides helpful contact information for families.