Online Application Overview

Welcome to the Online Application for the Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory

The Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory (CARL) at the University of Chicago conducts several studies examining substance use, mood, and response in a wide variety of social drinkers.  This is a general application to collect information from you to determine for which study or studies you might be eligible.

Current Studies:
If you have not already done so, you can review additional information for specific studies using the following links:

CSDP The Chicago Social Drinking Project (CSDP)
*Examines the response to common substances (caffeine, alcohol, antihistamines) in a wide variety of social drinkers during 3 in-person laboratory sessions
*Looking for moderate to heavy social drinkers, consuming alcohol at least 4 times per week on average

MARSS Mobile Alcohol Response Study (MARS)
*Examines response to alcohol both in the lab and during surveys completed on your mobile phone during drinking episodes outside of the lab
*Looking for light to moderate social drinkers, consuming alcohol at least 2 times per week on average

Begin Application:
The following application will involve gathering basic demographic, health, and substance use information from you to make certain that you meet the basic eligibility criteria for participation. If you meet study criteria, our staff will contact you by phone to schedule an in-person screening visit to further determine your eligilbity. The information you provide today will remain completely confidential and will be deleted if you do not meet basic eligilbity criteria.

This online application should take approximately 3-6 minutes to complete.

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