Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Social Drinking Project (CSDP) at the University of Chicago.


The CSDP is a paid research study. The project examines how adults with a range of drinking patterns respond to common substances (like alcohol, stimulants, and sedatives). Participants provide breath and saliva samples, and perform fine motor and visual tasks both before and after consuming a beverage.  There are no invasive procedures in the study sessions.

Participation* includes:
- 2 study sessions (~5 hours each), completed at the University of Chicago in Hyde Park (59th St & Maryland).
- Smartphone assessments (1 minute each) of one drinking and non-drinking occasion in your natural environment for 1 week.  

See below for a video explaining the study protocols:

*Sessions conducted M-F.  Limited weekend availability, as needed.

$400.00 compensation for study completion. All transportation reimbursed.

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