Keep America Beautiful's Community Restoration and Resiliency Fund benefits Keep America Beautiful Affiliates that serve communities directly affected by natural and environmental disasters.

The fund provides immediate and long-term support for initial and ongoing cleanup efforts and helps rebuild vital public spaces: parks, greenways, community gateways, Main Street/downtown areas, open spaces and more. Funds will help improve resiliency physically — as green infrastructure — and socially — to build community.

Through this fund, Keep America Beautiful will provide financial aid, technical support, in-kind donations and other resources to affiliates whose residents living with the aftermath of widespread devastation for months and years to come.

The fund will also offer affiliate communities financial means, technical support and resources to renovate and rebuild public spaces after natural disasters or other unanticipated events or before they occur to improve physical resilience.

Projects could include plans to improve recycling infrastructure and/or services community-wide. 

Generous 2020 funding has been provided by our sponsor and partner -- Lowe's in the form of retail gift cards.

If you would like to donate to the Fund or would like to share the opportunity to donate on your social networks, please click here.  

Please complete this application in full.
Please allow 10-14 days for application review and notification after submission.

Questions? Contact Grace Keegan at