Instructions and Guidelines


Scholarship recipients will receive:

Full or partial scholarship, awarded on the basis of demonstrated need and ability to participate in the betterment of the organization. The credit will be applied towards one regular CRRA membership. A membership runs one (1) year from date of applying. The balance of the partial membership may be paid at one time or in installments, click here for details.

Participation in up to three (3) technical councils for one year.
The opportunity to attend the annual conference, certification courses, technical council events, webinars, and all other CRRA hosted events at the discounted membership rate and participate in Mentorship programs.

Access to all the benefits and discounts of membership.

Candidates that are eligible to apply for a scholarship may include, but are not limited to:
Those experiencing financial hardship and/or their employer not able to pay for membership fees due to budget constraints.
Young professionals (e.g. Age 40 or younger) in the industry.
Individuals that are from a diverse background and/or new to the industry.

Once applications are received, the CRRA Scholarship Committee will review and provide feedback to the CRRA Board, who will approve the applicants selected to receive the membership discount. Selection will be awarded to applicants based on their evidence of a commitment to advocate for the Earth’s natural systems through their professional and personal endeavors in the Zero Waste industry, and how their membership will contribute to the betterment of the CRRA. 

Relevance: Will the applicants membership help CRRA achieve their goals and support mission.
Commitment: Will the applicant achieve his or her specific career goals through this membership.
Initiative: Has the applicant demonstrated continued dedication to Zero Waste. Will applicant help CRRA broaden its membership and diversity.
Communication: Was the applicant responsive to all questions. 

The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) has established a Scholarship Fund to provide support for membership costs in one of California’s oldest and most influential non-profit recycling organizations. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide opportunity for those individuals who may not otherwise be a part of the organization. Discounted memberships will be granted each year to individuals in the Zero Waste industry.

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* 1. Personal Information

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* 2. Gender

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* 3. How many years have you worked in this industry?

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* 4. Ethnicity

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* 5. Why do you feel you should be awarded this scholarship?

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* 6. How will you share your experience and acquired knowledge from CRRA membership with others?

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* 7. Are there any special circumstances that may additionally support your scholarship request? (Furthering education, transitional careers, overcoming obstacles, employer not pay memberships, etc.)

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* 8. Are you interested in opportunities to attend the annual CRRA conference, participate in a Young Professionals group or technical council, or volunteer in other capacities. 

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