The Cougar Ridge Parent/Teacher/Student Association honors outstanding volunteer service annually by awarding the National PTA Golden Acorn Award and the Outstanding Advocate Award. Please help us recognize the extraordinary volunteerism that occurs in our PTSA, school and community by submitting a nomination for those deserving individuals.

The Golden Acorn Award is recognition that honors a volunteer who has given outstanding service to all children in the school community…not just an individual who has donated time to help in his/her child’s class or a staff member who is doing a good job. It recognizes volunteer service “above and beyond” a particular job description. These recipients volunteer in ways that meet the mission of PTA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL children and youth with exceptional commitment to service in our PTSA. Past Golden Acorn Award recipients include:  Blyth Claeys, Julie Dietiker, Keri Kiefer, Diana Goldberg, Jodi Freudenberger, Betzy Jones, Melanie Perry, Karishma Lal, Catharine Holton, Dorothy Liu, Karissa Mobilia, Wendy Shah, Dara Schaffer, Celinda Hoover, Meredith Pokorny, Marcie Lewis, Kamala Plaisted and Cynthia Lydum.

The Outstanding Advocate** Award is recognition that honors individuals for continued and dedicated service to ALL children and a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth. An Outstanding Advocate nominee MUST be an active Cougar Ridge PTSA member and participant. Past Outstanding Advocate Award recipients include Catharine Holton, Keri Kiefer, Rachel Auffant, Karissa Mobilia, and Mark Mobilia.

Awards Presentations – Recipients receive the Golden Acorn or Outstanding Advocate Award Pin and a certificate from the Washington State PTA. Our PTSA also makes a donation in each recipient’s name to the WSPTA Scholarship Foundation, providing scholarships to selected high school students entering post-secondary education. Awards will be presented at the PTSA Meeting on March 12th; recipients will be honored at the District awards reception on April 4th, 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Nominations – Please help us identify volunteers from our community to receive a Golden Acorn or Outstanding Advocate Award this year. Through recommendations, the PTSA Awards Committee will make the final selections. Nominees are scored using a weighted evaluation system that considers volunteer service during the 2018 calendar year. To be eligible for the Golden Acorn Award, a nominee may not be a previous recipient of the Cougar Ridge PTSA Golden Acorn Award. This rule does not apply to the Outstanding Advocate Award. Please contact the PTSA Awards Committee Chairperson with any questions:

Jamie Starnicky -

Last day to submit nominations is Wednesday, February 20th.

** Advocacy should be viewed as active support in the causes for all children and youth. Advocacy includes, but is not limited to, active volunteerism in legislative issues on a local, state or national level, whether stemming from public education or non-profit organizations; working with the district or school administration on student issues; speaking up for children and youth who can’t speak up for themselves; and trying to change things for the benefit of children at a local, state or national level.


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