Welcome to the CPHMP Mentor - Mentee Application

The Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is now seeking MENTORS and accepting applications for potential MENTEES for the 2019 Cohort: 

· Mentors with professional experience in public health, enthusiasm, and a commitment to enhance the public health workforce in Colorado.

· Mentees who are interested in learning more about public health, are new to public health or who would like support and guidance in their public health career.

· Mentors and mentees MUST be a member of at least one of the following supporting organizations:

o   Colorado Public Health Association

o   Colorado Environmental Health Association


· A commitment of NINE MONTHS (January-October 2019) is required with at least monthly in-person or teleconference meetings between the mentor and mentee. 

· Participation in the 2019 Cohort Kickoff and StrengthsFinder Session on January 28, 2018 @ 11:00-4pm in the Denver metro-area

· Response to mid-session program surveys

· Engagement in your mentoring experience

· Additional professional development opportunities provided or suggested by the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is highly encouraged

The Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is a program intended to facilitate the mentoring process among public health professionals in Colorado.  Mentoring is developmental relationship in which a person nurtures the professional development of another.  Mentoring can create access to career opportunities, improve recruitment and retention, enrich leadership, increase adaptability in the midst of challenges, heighten professional satisfaction and decrease stress and role conflict.

The VISION of the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is to contribute to an engaged, connected, competent public health workforce in Colorado that effectively prevents, promotes, and protects the health of Coloradans. 

The GOALS of the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program are:

• To provide opportunities for mentors to enrich their contributions to public health and further develop as leaders;

• To enhance the professional development of the public health mentee;

• And to strengthen the public health professional workforce network in Colorado. 

 Please answer honestly and concisely.  Your responses will be shared with potential mentors. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the 2018 Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program! 

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