Community Planning Assistance Team Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for participation in a Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association. The CPAT program was established by the Chapter to benefit municipalities and community organizations with a demonstrated need for pro bono planning assistance, and to provide a venue for creative community service for its members.

Participants in Community Planning Assistance Teams will receive no compensation for their time and service, but they will be reimbursed for personal expenses for travel, overnight accommodations and meals. They will be expected to spend between one and three days on site, working with the community to undertake the planning project; they will also be expected to contribute to the preparation of the project report following the planning exercise.

All CPAT candidates must complete this online Volunteer Form or you may send a copy to:

APA California
ATTN: Community Planning Assistance Team
PO Box 1733
Elk Grove, CA 95759

We strongly prefer all application materials in digital form.

Each CPAT project is unique and requires a specific set of experts. If your expertise is desired for a project, you will be contacted to determine your interest and availability.

If you have any questions regarding the CPAT program, please contact Hanson Hom, AICP, at

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* 3. Areas of Interest (Please check all areas in which you have interest and experience.)

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Professional Resume:  To be considered a professional resume must be submitted. Please email your resume to the attention of Francine Farrell at