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Welcome to the COVISIT survey.

Closing ICUs to visitors, either as a blanket rule, or by drastically reducing the number and duration of visits has been used in multiple countries and to various degrees. Most often out of the necessity to protect the patients, their relatives, and an already overstretched health care system.

Multiple reports have described the traumatic separation caused by the inability to visit critically ill loved ones’ and the incredible grief of being separated at end of life.

We, as an international group of ICU nurses and doctors, have designed this survey to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected visiting of ICU patients by their relatives and what mitigation strategies may be in place.

We are seeking one answer only for each ICU. Ideally completed by a senior nurse or doctor that is aware of previous and current visiting policies. Please discuss with your colleagues to ensure this is done only once.

We refer to relatives or ICU patients as persons defined by the patient as family, friends, neighbours, relatives, and/or support persons.

We refer to COVID-19 cases as suspected or confirmed according to your local definitions and infection control protocols.

The survey investigates 4 core domains:

1.       A description of your ICU, including bed availability, staffing and when was the peak of COVID-19 related restrictions to visiting for you (if applicable).

2.       Are relatives of ICU patients allowed at the bedside, and if yes for how long?

3.       Have you been using videoconferencing or technology to facilitate virtual visiting by relatives of ICU patients?

4.       How do you maintain communication with and information to the relatives?

COVISIT has been reviewed as a low and negligible risk project by the Ethics committee of the Royal Brisbane and women’s hospital in Australia (LNR/2020/QRBW/71880) and is endorsed by the research committee of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

The survey is translated and available in English, Italian, French, Japanese and Spanish languages, please look for the link at the top right of this page if you wish to change the language.

It will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey. Please use a computer rather than a phone to record your responses.

The survey is available to departments that define themselves as Intensive Care Units. Usually ICUs provide advance monitoring and organ supportive therapy to critically ill patients. We welcome responses from all departments that treat or do not treat COVID-19 patients.

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Please complete the survey on a computer as it will not display well on a cell phone
If you have any questions, please contact alexis@tabah.org