Bike Cleveland is working with OHM Advisors to create a plan for a more connected bike network in the City of Cleveland. We are creating this plan by using our existing bike network, adopted plans for it’s expansion, and community input to envision how communities can be safely and effectively connected. Our Connecting Communities plan will guide our advocacy efforts as streets are repaved, restriped or reconstructed to ensure the safest and best-connected bike network possible.
This survey is part of our community input. It will help us understand how comfortable you are riding on our current bike network and what the community's desire is for expanding Cleveland's bike network.
There are three parts to the survey:
Part 1 - Information about the types of bicycle facilities you feel comfortable using when you bicycle.
Part 2 - Sharing where you want to see improvements in our current bike network. You will reference our Connecting Communities Map.
Part 3 - Basic information about you and your cycling habits.

Once you complete the survey head over to our Crowdsourced Map to submit areas where you feel unsafe riding a bike, or a "Problem Point," and areas you see a gap in the existing network that you think should be a priority or an "Opportunity Point."
All information collected in the survey is used anonymously. We will only contact you with project updates if you request updates at the end of the survey.