The City of Davis is conducting a solid waste rate study to set future rates and service levels.  Your feedback is important to us!

The overall goal of the study is to make sure the city’s solid waste program meets the needs of customers; charges rates that are fair, equitable, and sufficient to keep the program running; meets bicycle and pedestrian safety goals; meets City environmental goals; and meets State regulations for stormwater quality and waste diversion. More information on the City's goals for the solid waste program can be found online, please visit

This survey is focused on one part of the solid waste service - the organics program. It includes questions about organics carts, and the yard material pick-ups.

Please fill out no more than one survey per household.  All survey questions will require an answer. 

Thank you!

* 1. When is your collection day for on-street yard material piles? You can refer to the map on the city's webpage, linked below, if you are unsure.

2018 Yard Material Collection Schedule

The following questions are about your organics cart.

* 2. How often do you use your organics cart (grey cart with the brown lid) for your yard materials?

* 3. Does your organics cart fit all of your yard materials?

* 4. If your organics cart did not fit all of your yard materials, how often did this occur?

* 5. If your organics cart did not fit all of your yard materials, when did this occur? (choose all that apply)

* 6. If you did not use the organics cart for yard materials, what was the reason?