As we prepare for the program's 25th anniversary we want your help telling the LifeSmarts story

Welcome, LifeSmarts Coaches! You have a unique perspective of the LifeSmarts program, and we'd like to share your stories and successes with a broader audience. Thank you for taking five minutes to tell us about your LifeSmarts experience.

* 1. Why did you first get involved with LifeSmarts?

* 2. What have you learned from LifeSmarts?

* 3. Give advice to a new LifeSmarts coach -- what three ideas will help them get started?

* 4. What does LifeSmarts do better than any other program out there?

* 5. What have you witnessed students gain through this program?

* 6. Tell us about your “a-ha” LifeSmarts moment.

* 7. Why should someone support the LifeSmarts program?

* 8. Describe a LifeSmarts moment that you’ll never forget.

* 9. LifeSmarts covers personal finance, consumer rights, technology, the environment, and health and safety. From which LifeSmarts category do you think students have learned the most? Give examples.

* 10. Tell us about your LifeSmarts team. Describe what makes LifeSmarts a good fit with your group or organization.

* 11. Please tell us who you are. Or, feel free to leave this blank if you wish.