Return to Learn Concussion Management Team Members - Register your Public, CTC, or Charter School

By taking part in PA's BrainSTEPS sponsored: Return to Learn Concussion Management Team (CMT) training, you are giving permission for your anonymized participation data to be used for program improvement and research purposes.

STEP 1: One person from each school must fill out the information below for their full concussion team. 
  • Your school can form many teams as you like. Some schools form one concussion team per grade, while others form one per school building. However, fill this form out separately for each team.
  • In order for your school team members to take the concussion training, you must have AT LEAST 1 Academic Monitor and 1 Symptom Monitor listed below. This list will be used by the BrainSTEPS Program Coordinator to APPROVE each member's registration on the official CMT Training site when they register to have an account.
  • Only CMT members registered by your school district below will be approved to view this training. 
  • This training cannot be used for general staff training. By participating, you are agreeing that your school will implement a return to learn process using the CMT members.
  • This training is for CMT members ONLY. A power point presentation will be provided to teams during the training, so they can present the Return to Learn CMT model to your school staff. 
STEP 2: After filling out this information below for your full Return to Learn Concussion Management Team, please have each individual team member go to to register their own individual account.

Each account will be validated with the team member list you create on the next page. Once this validation occurs, each individual account holder will receive an automated email with their training log in information activation. This should occur within approximately 2 business days. 

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