As part of PathologyOutlines.com's 20th Anniversary celebration, we have created a Worldwide Directory of Pathologists, accessible from our website, so you can quickly learn about any pathologist who has sent us their information.

This form will require you to upload a photo of yourself. The photo could be from your institutional webpage or LinkedIn or you could take one with your cell phone. If you do not have a headshot easily available, please use the exit link now (upper right corner of this page), and return when you are ready.
This database is only for pathologists (including Residents and Fellows). Once the survey is done, email changes to: Directory@pathologyoutlines.com.

Your data will be reviewed by our staff before posting. At this stage of this project, the current anticipated turnaround time to review and post data is 3-5 business days.
This form should take about five minutes to complete, but optional sections may take extra time.

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