In 2016, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, working in partnership with BDO and other stakeholders, released Industrie 2030 – our strategic plan to double manufacturing output and value-added exports by 2030. One of the more troubling findings from the consultations that fed into this strategy was that Canadian businesses have been investing less and less in research, development and innovation. We significantly lag our global competitors in this area and, as a result, our businesses are commercializing fewer new products, and developing and adopting fewer new technologies and process improvements. These are the cornerstones of economic growth and long-term competitiveness. 

To improve Canada’s record on R&D and innovation it is critical that we better understand the reasons why investment levels are low. That understanding will help shape and define a constructive path forward to boost Canada’s innovation performance. As such, CME is partnering with BDO on a survey of Canadian industry to better understand the use of the federal government Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax system. Further, we want to explore what other types of activities companies use to drive innovation and new product development and commercialization in Canada, including partnership with other companies, customers and post-secondary institutions.

Individual results from this survey will remain confidential. However the collective results will be used to work with governments and service providers to strengthen supports for the growth of your company.