Thank you for taking the time to submit a proposal for the Charity Leadership Summit, 7th & 8th October 2021, online.
The two-day event for the Irish not-for-profit sector is taking submissions for speakers to present on leadership, culture, change management, innovation, strategic management, collaboration and personal effectiveness.

The overall theme for the Charity Leadership Summit is ‘Resolute Leadership in Transformative Times’

The pandemic has presented charity leaders with unprecedented challenges and complexities, while also paving the way for hugely positive and transformational change in the sector.
As the world grappled with chaos, the best-laid plans for 2020 came undone and the future looked different.
The immediate focus turned to taking care of employees, rethinking the donor journey, and accelerating digital transformation. Teams and organisations had to pivot quickly to respond to a sudden move to remote work and drastic changes in the operations of global, national, and local economies.
Today, your leadership is shaping the evolution of a new reality grounded in innovation, diversity, and collaboration. There is no straight line into the future and at times we may have to come back before we can move forward.
As a leader in the charity sector, you are steering the path ahead, making key decisions, and influencing trustees, employees, donors, and beneficiaries.
The 2021 Charity Leadership Summit will support you on this journey and help ensure your organisation not only survives the shifting landscape but thrives in this new world.

We require all speakers to work the theme into their session content. The Cii Executive team will work with speakers whose proposals are accepted to craft powerful and intriguing session descriptions that shed light on the session topic in relation to the theme.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Thursday  1st of July 2021. Once an online submission is made, it is passed to the Cii Executive Team for consideration. You will be notified of the team's decision no later than Friday 30th July 2021.

 We look forward to receiving your submission.

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