50 over 50 Award Authorization

The information provided is true and completed to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Wise - Seniors in Business* the release and use, in connection with the 50 over 50 Wise – Seniors in Business* Awards, of my name, company name, likeness, recording of my voice and photographs, including video tapes or other forms of media, and I agree that no compensation shall be due to me or my company for such usage if I am selected as an Award recipient.

Do you agree to the above terms? By submitting a completed application, you consent that you are willing to answer the questions in this survey and abide by the terms. 

Please note that all finalists may be asked for further information for judging purposes. If notified of being a winner we will require a short bio and hi-res image of the owner as well as a hi-res logo.

Questions can be directed to wendy@wise-seniiorsinbusiness.com

* Wise – Seniors in Business is an initiative of Business Launch Solutions