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In accordance with ARTICLE V, Section 12, Application and Appointment, of the CIT International Bylaws, and in an effort to maintain a Board balance as represented in the Bylaws, the CIT International Board of Directors will not be accepting applications from members representing law enforcement for this 2018 Board of Directors Application cycle.

(ARTICLE V, Section 12, Application and Appointment, of the CIT International Bylaws, the Election / Membership Committee shall accept applications from the general membership for consideration for appointment to the Board of Directors representing stakeholders which will result in a diverse Board membership that shall maintain a reasonable Board balance of: 1) individuals from law enforcement services; 2) individuals from mental health services; 3) individuals with lived experiences, their family members and/or community advocates; 4) other individuals critical to the mission of CIT International. The Elections / Membership Committee shall also take into consideration a balance of geographical representation.  Applicants that have submitted an application to the Elections / Membership Committee, that meet the previously identified needs of the corporation for that election period as approved by the Board, will be presented to the current Board of Directors for vote. All duly appointed Directors shall begin service on January 1 of the year following their appointment.)

Board applicants must be a CIT International member in good standing for at least 2 years, have attended at least one CIT International conference, and must be or have been an active participant in their local CIT program.

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