About this survey

We are planning for the future of transit service in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We've developed three preliminary scenarios for improving Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) service as part of the Short Range Transit Plan. All Three have different benefits and tradeoffs. Now we need your feedback!
The primary goal of the CHT Short Range Transit Plan is to improve transit service in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Convenient and cost-effective transit service requires an appropriate balance of coverage, frequency, and service span. Prior to developing any recommendations, we looked at existing ridership patterns, on-time performance, travel patterns, and demographic data. Public meetings and an on-line survey indicated that improving service frequency, expanding service hours and adding new local destinations are some of the improvements desired most by riders and non-riders.
As a result of these efforts, we developed three preliminary scenarios to improve CHT service that do not require additional operating costs:
  • Scenario 1 makes modest changes to bus routing, and aims to improve weekday service frequency.
  • Scenario 2 also makes modest changes to bus routing and aims to improve weekend service.
  • Scenario 3 takes a more transformative approach, designing a new system "from scratch" based on observed ridership trends and areas with unmet demand.

These scenarios are concepts at this time. The scenario that we move forward with will likely contain a combination of elements from the three scenarios rather than a scenario in its entirety. Therefore, as you make comments, please be specific about what you like or don't like about a scenario.

Any service change coming out of this process would be implemented in Fall 2019, and the final recommendations will be based on feedback received from the public. Final recommendations will also include expansion priorities that require additional funding, such as more service between Chapel Hill and Durham, more frequent bus service, and expanded routes to growing parts of Chapel Hill.

This survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your input!

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