Welcome to the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area Trail Survey!  

Visitation to Cascade Head has increased as more and more people recognize the beauty of this special place. With the increase in use, some new challenges and opportunities have emerged, which we’d like your input on.

A group of land managers that provide recreational access to the public in the CHSRA has begun to work together to look at trails and access within CHSRA’s boundaries. This group of land managers, which includes the US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, Westwind and Cascade Head Ranch, is called the CHSRA Trails Coordination Team.

The intent of the Coordination Team is to work with and engage with the local community to develop a trails plan for CHSRA that meets the needs of visitors, landowners, and land managers. Nothing has been proposed or decided yet.

This survey is designed to provide feedback from the public regarding trail use, how people access the trails, improvements that could be made, and how the trail system can be best designed to allow for recreational use and still protect the incredible natural resources of this special area.  

All of your responses will be kept confidential.  Your answers and those of others will provide valuable insight into the use of the area and your answers are greatly appreciated and valued.  Thanks for taking the time to fill this survey out.