Thank you for your interest in joining the CHIA Examination Committee (EC). Please familiarise yourself with the selection criteria before answering the following questions.

Are you a leader in your field of health informatics, with a desire to contribute to the credentialing of professionals?  If so, we would be delighted to hear from you as we seek candidates to participate on our CHIA EC.

CHIA is the certification for Australasia’s digital health sector.  The CHIA credential demonstrates that candidates meet the health informatics (HI) core competencies to perform effectively as a HI professional in a broad range of practice settings.

The EC is responsible for the overall content, deliverables, defensibility, integrity, quality and credibility of the examination and its associated products.  The EC is responsible for designing the overall examination structure and content, identifying the best and most definitive reference sources, ensuring the rigour and validation of CHIA assessment processes and outcomes, and approving examination materials.

Membership of the EC includes reputable experts from a broad spectrum of HI sector organisations so that there is overall accountability for CHIA across the Australian HI sector.

Key Selection criteria (D- desirable, M - mandatory):

1.    Expertise across:
Examination Development – Working collaboratively with a committee to design, develop and review exam structure, content and provide professional advice about proposed reference materials and related matters.

Program Deliverables – Contribute towards the creation of specific high-level program deliverables

Quality Assurance – Review and quality assure draft examination deliverables in conjunction with the CHIA Partnership Board and working within program timelines and objectives.

Australasia Health Sector – Have a broad understanding of the Australasian health sector, including contemporary issues such as reform trends and associated strategies for improving healthcare

Australasia Education and Training Sector – Have a broad understanding of the principles and practices involved in planning, designing and delivering quality and defensible education sector products and services and have a desire to contribute towards developing such program for the benefit of the Australasian health system

Qualifications – hold a current CHIA credential

2.    Networks and Spheres of Influence
·      Has relevant sector relationships and connections (D)
·      Has relevant industry connections (D)

3.    Accountable
·      Can deliver committee objectives and measures (M)
·      Commercially astute (D)

4.    Commitment and Passion
·      Can dedicate the time for formal and informal events/meetings, and thinking (M)
·      Has a passion for the healthcare industry and informatics
·      Attend bimonthly teleconference committee meetings, a three-day annual bootcamp, and regular email correspondence requiring timely decision-making contributions. (M)

5.    Leadership Capabilities
·      Resilient (M)
·      Flexible (M)
·      Strong communicator - written and verbal (M)
·      Strategic Thinker (D)