Recertification Extension Guidelines

The rules of recertification in the CHIA Recertification Guide state that candidates must obtain a minimum of 60 points within the recertification period (every three years).

Extensions may be given for additional time beyond the three years but are limited to circumstances surrounding:
  • Extended parental or carer responsibilities where you are unable to fulfil your total substantive hours of employment,
  • Extended unforeseen illness
The duration of the extension will be limited and will be considered in association with how many points you have managed to obtain and what the unforeseen and extenuating circumstances are.
Extensions must be received in writing (by filling out the following form) for review by the CHIA Examination Committee (EC).

Extension request ideally need to be submitted three months in advance of your anniversary/recertification date, and will not be considered after the anniversary/recertification date has passed.

Please provide adequate supporting documentation along with your extension request:
  • Copy of your CPD Journal, with the points you have accumulated to date
  • Other supporting documentation (such as medical certificate, doctors note or approved parental leave)
Please note for extension due to illness, carers leave or parental leave CPD Journals do not have to be provided if a medical certificate or doctors note is provided.

Note: extensions are applied to your current recertification cycle, your CHIA anniversary date does not change.
What this means is if you are given a 6 month extension, you will need to accumulate points over 2 years and 6 months for your next recertification cycle, as your anniversary date remains unchanged.
You will receive a response with regards to the outcome of your extension within 7 business days.