Shire of Dumbleyung Biennial Survey 2017

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. This survey is split up into four parts.

Part One, Future Direction of the Shire, aims to ask some questions about what services/facilities are most important for you currently and what will be the most important for you in 2027. These do not need to be services that the shire currently provides, however it is helpful if the shire is able to impact these in some way.

Two years ago we had a great response to this section of the survey, however there were some comments that it was difficult to fill out. If you do have trouble then please only fill out what you can and move on. We would prefer to hear a little from you than not at all.

Part Two, Current Performance of the Shire, aims to assess our current performance. Please fill this out keeping in mind the average of your experience of dealing with the shire, not a specific instance. It is also not intended to receive specific complaints or requests for works. If you wish to send in a complaint or a works request, there are forms available from the shire office.

Part Three is to try and gather some information about you.

The Shire has a budget of $5-6 million depending on grants. In 2016-2017, Rates of $1,502,344 was received. Each year Council must deliberate over how much rates will increase but with the current level of rating, a 1% increase equates to a cash increase of only $15,023.  In the 2016-2017 budget, once all funding for ongoing activities and one off legislated tasks had been allocated, there was only $75,300 left to be allocated to new and one-off activities. This is a reduction of $25,093 since 2015 which shows how much tighter the budget is getting. Considering the small amount that an additional percent of rates brings in and the small amount of funding that can be allocated, Council decisions in regards to new services, increases in the standards of services and one-off projects are very important decisions.

There is some additional financial information provided about the shire either on our website, if filling the survey out online, or at the back of this survey.