The CultureGrams Online Database, published by ProQuest, is an electronic database of reports on the countries of the world. These reports provide an insider’s perspective on people’s daily life and culture. The product is primarily used by students, teachers, and librarians, though government agencies, travel programs, and others also subscribe. To verify and update the content for each report, we periodically seek input from natives of the country or other professionals with recent long-term experience in the location.

The country reports for which we solicit reviews contain two parts—one written to a secondary (high school) audience and a shorter one intended for students ages 9 to 11.

If you are interested in reviewing a CultureGrams report for a country you have knowledge of, please follow these steps:

See if you meet our Reviewer qualifications.

To qualify as a Reviewer, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be either a native who has not been away from the country for more than 3 years and who has continuing contact with individuals in the country
  • Or a nonnative who has lived full-time in the country for at least 2.5 of the last 4 years


  • Have a college degree or equivalent education
  • Speak with near fluency either the country’s official language or a major national language
  • Have experience in more than one region of the country and with different socioeconomic levels

We will select individuals with the most recent residency, the broadest cultural exposure, and the most relevant abilities or expertise.

Learn more about the project.

Courtesy Payment

This is an educational project and not an act of employment. To thank our project participants, we provide a one-time courtesy payment.

We can pay any U.S. citizen, permanent resident of the United States, or foreign national. However, we cannot pay Reviewers who live in the United States without legal resident status.

Read a sample CultureGrams Report

Read a sample World Edition report and Kids Edition report to understand the kind of information you would be evaluating. (You must have or download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these PDFs.)

Fill out the Reviewer Application.

Question Title


Question Title


Question Title

* 3. Level of contact (briefly describe the level of contact you have had with the location’s people—specifically,
the regions, demographic groups, and occupations with which you are most familiar.):

Question Title

* 4. How did you find out about our review opportunities?

We usually will notify you of your status with the project within two weeks. We will send selected Reviewers a copy of the CultureGrams report to be reviewed and a list of guidelines.