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Open Table MDI believes that access to nutritious food is a basic human right and we recognize that the health and safety of our neighbors is key to keeping our communities vital. We know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has caused major disruptions for the careers of many individuals who earn income through their work on Mount Desert Island.

In response, Open Table MDI has launched a “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors” Program. This program will award a weekly grant of $500 (for families) or $250 (for individuals/couples) in the form of Hannaford or A&B Naturals Gift Cards to locals whose income is being adversely impacted by COVID-19. The first round of applications will be received on a rolling basis between May 1 – June 24, 2020 and will continue as long as funds are available.

Any families or individuals (18+) who are year-round residents of Mount Desert Island or the Town of Trenton, and feel they are facing economic hardship related to COVID-19, are welcome to apply. Only one request per family or individual, please. Once you have applied, there is no need to apply again. We will keep your application on file and alert you if you’ve been selected.

If you need assistance completing this application or know someone who does, please call 207.664.9026 or email opentablemdi@gmail.com.

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* 1. Please provide the following:

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* 2. How many people, including yourself, reside in your household?

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* 3. How many of those people are children (under the age of 18)?

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* 4. How many of those people are elders or are in a higher risk group for COVID-19?

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* 5. What is your annual household income, as reported on your most recent tax return?

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* 6. Why are you applying for the "Neighbors Feeding Neighbors" Program? Please describe your reason(s) for applying here in as much detail as possible, including how much total income you think you've lost or will lose because of the current COVID-19 crisis.

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* 7. Have you received any benefits offered by your employer, local bank, or the state/federal government?

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* 8. Please detail your monthly expenses. If any of these expenses are currently being deferred, please do NOT include those expenses here. For example, if your bank has deferred your mortgage for 6-months, put 0 on the mortgage line item.

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* 9. Would you like to receive a Hannaford, A&B Naturals or Southwest Harbor Food Mart Gift Card?

No person shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, gender, gender identity and expression, country of origin, social-economic status, faith background, marital status and family structure, mental and physical ability, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

Open Table MDI recognizes that every person has different needs and circumstances, therefore, all applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. Open Table MDI will treat each applicant with care, dignity, and confidentiality. Open Table MDI is committed to protecting your privacy and safety. Whenever you provide personal information, we will treat this information in accordance with this policy, current United States data protection legislation, and internet best practice.

All applications received by Open Table MDI will be initially processed by our Executive Director and/or our Secretary of the Board. All names and addresses will be redacted from the applications to ensure there is no conflict of interest. The applications will then be passed along to a selection committee comprised of members of our Board and community, who will choose a recipient based entirely on need. Board members of Open Table MDI or their immediate family are not eligible to apply. 

Open Table MDI will also accept paper submissions of this application. Please print and mail to:

Open Table MDI
P.O. Box 451
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
Attn: Neighbors Feeding Neighbors Program

For questions or more information, please email: opentablemdi@gmail.com or call 207.664.9026.

By clicking submit on this form, I certify that all of the application information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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