2nd April 2019
To: All Mandate Members in Tesco
From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

On the 4th of March 2019 the Mandate Tesco National Strategy Team agreed to launch your claim in Tesco for fair improvements to pay, benefits and treatment for 2019.  This claim is based on members' feedback and previous surveys.   Please see claim outlined below. 
The likelihood of your claim being successful is greatly enhanced if you and your fellow Union members complete the declaration below.    
2019 Claim in Tesco Ireland

1) PAY: Create one equal pay scale for store based staff starting at the living wage.

Current pay Scales   Union Claim for 2019
 €10.56 (starting)  €11.90 (1st year)
 €10.98 (after 18 months)  €13 (2nd year)  
 €12.95 (after 3 yrs) -TOP   €14 (3rd year)
  Pre '96: €14.31
  Post ’96–pre ’06: €15.49
 €15 (4th year)
 €16 (6th year)
(Note: The hourly rates above do not include any additional premiums e.g. Sunday premium, night premium)

2) SCHEDULING: Fairer scheduling for a better work/life balance including greater certainty over working patterns, 4-week advance notice of rosters.

3) FULL TIME JOBS: More security of weekly working hours with the creation of at least 1,000 full-time contracts.

4) A VOICE AT WORK: That Tesco Ireland fully respect and comply with all existing collective agreements and engages on both individual and collective issues with your Union. 
Please complete the declaration below.  (*Note: All information is private and for internal union purposes only)

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