With your help, we have drafted a plan to guide growth and future development in Fairfield over the next 25 years. The following survey asks you about the key directions identified for Fairfield. Tell us if we got them right!

Fairfield is a large neighbourhood with a variety of unique areas. This survey reflects the diversity of the neighbourhood and will take at least 20 minutes to complete.

Survey tips:

           • Attend an event to find out more

          • Focus on the sections that interest you most (skip the others)

          • Read the supporting information in the document (the links open as a separate page)

Read the draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan
Privacy Statement
Thank you for taking the time to complete this voluntary survey! Please do not provide your name and address or any other personal information that identifies yourself or other individuals. Personal information that is submitted will be treated as though the City has received your consent to disclose it to the Mayor and Council, appropriate staff and the public. If you require further information about this survey, please contact

6% of survey complete.