Greetings friends and colleagues,
We are reaching out to you to request your participation in CFA’s 2023 Reopener Bargaining Survey.
While the full Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expires in June 2024, we are reopening on SALARY, BENEFITS (management will likely ask for parking increases), LEAVE WITH PAY (the union is interested in expanding parental leave and support), WORKLOAD (no free work, limits on class size, proper counselor ratios, and more), and HEALTH AND SAFETY.
Per the terms of the current CBA, the union intends to request to bargain in May 2023, and CFA’s bargaining team will be ready to go to the table as soon as management is available.
Before getting to the table, we need your help in developing bargaining proposals so that the bargaining team can accurately represent faculty interests. If history is any lesson, we expect management to drag its feet on getting to the table and in agreeing to fair terms. We are already hearing administrators, after receiving significant raises themselves, warning us of an economic downturn as we near bargaining over faculty raises and other terms. Accordingly, we also need your help in strategizing an effective bargaining campaign that engages members and gets us what we want and need for CSU faculty.
Thank you for taking few moments to add your voice to reopener bargaining in 2023. We look forward to meeting with you in person or virtually as the bargaining campaign progresses.

Antonio Gallo, Contract Development and Bargaining Strategy Chair
Kevin Wehr, Bargaining Team Chair
9% of survey complete.