New BLS course format


The Heart and Stroke Foundation now offers a blended learning format for their Basic Life Support Course for Providers.
At BCLSguy, we would like to know whether or not this would be of interest to you so we can consider making this option available in the fall.
This Survey will run until September 30th, 2019.


The blended learning approach teaches the complete BLS curriculum in two parts:
Students take the self-directed BLS Blended – Online Component and the BLS Blended – In-classroom Component. (must take both components)
  • BLS Blended – Online Component – Self-paced. Approximate duration: 2 hours.
  • BLS Blended – In-classroom Component – Approximate duration:  1- 2 hours.
BLS Blended Learning In-Classroom Component Options

Register for one of BLS Blended 120, 90, or 60.
Instructors will provide students with a redemption key ($35) to unlock the online component and will verify location, date, time of the in-classroom component.

After successfully completing the BLS Blended – Online Component, students will automatically receive a receipt called the ‘BLS Blended Class Pass’.
The Class Pass allows entry to the BLS Blended – In-classroom Component when presented to the course instructor.  The in-classroom options are:

  • BLS Blended 120 (120 minutes):  Designed for first time BLS learners and/or those who do not use their BLS skills on a regular basis. BLS Blended 120 emphasizes the individual elements that make up core BLS skills and offers comprehensive practice before hands-on skills tests.
  • BLS Blended 90 (90 minutes): Designed for students who are confident in their understanding and practice of BLS skills, but want to review and practice before hands-on skills tests.
  • BLS Blended 60 (60 Minutes): Designed for experienced, highly-proficient BLS providers who regularly use BLS skills in their practice. Where available, BLS Blended 60 offers hands-on testing with very minimal practice.

Restrictions on course availability and approvals apply.

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* 1. Blended learning is the best way to learn about Basic Life Support?

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* 2. Currently, the Heart and Stroke Foundation charges a $35 fee which provides  access to all learning materials, including a digital version of the BLS provider manual are included in the price of the BLS Blended – Online Component redemption key. Paying this additional fee would be worthwhile to complete the self paced learning and online exam?

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* 3. Regardless of any course format, instructor honorariums and CPR supplies (disposable lungs. airway filters, AED pads) along with parking and travel expenses are fixed. I would not mind paying an extra $35 for the convenience of a blended learning option?

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* 4. If you were to consider blended learning, which in classroom component would best describe your current needs?

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* 5. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

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* 6. What is your age?

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* 7. Have you taken a Heart and Stroke Foundation course with BCLSguy before?

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