Dubbo City Council's City Development and Communications Branch undertakes a diverse range of activities and campaigns designed to drive visitation, build investment, attract new residents and promote a positive image of the City.

The purpose of this survey is to seek industry's feedback on the operation and activities of the Dubbo Visitors Information Centre.    

Tell us what you think!    All responses are anonymous.

* 1. The Visitor Information Centre is a key face to face contact for many elements in Council's City Development Delivery Plan. How satisfied are you with the following major activities delivered through the Information Centre between January - December 2015?

  Very satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Unaware that this was delivered by the Visitor Information Centre
Operated a Level 1 Accredited Visitor Information Centre- Dubbo Visitors Information Centre (DVIC)
The DVIC is open every day (except Christmas Day) 
Service enquires from locals, visitors, events, new resident and investment markets
The establishment the alfresco deck and take away coffee provisions
The DVIC is resourced by a team of staff and volunteers
Manage a coach operators tour program
Manage an induction program for new tourism operators
Maintain accommodation availability during school holidays, public holiday periods and during key events
Maintain a school holiday information program providing information on activities, retail trading and church services
Promote and sell regional produce, and arts and crafts
Manage a quarterly update program to ensure visitor information (on-line and within distributed from the Centre) is current and correct

* 2. How satisfied are you with key elements of visitor services provided through the Visitor Information Centre?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied
Service from staff and volunteers
Presentation of the Information Centre
Information provided by the Information Centre (on-line and distributed from the Centre)
Support provided to tourism operators through provision of information, connection to visitation market and customer service to operators themselves

* 3. An important component of the City Development Delivery Plan is keeping stakeholders up-to-date regarding various key activities and opportunities. Do you find out about the Program through any of the below?

* 4.
Is there anything that you have been particularly happy with in regards to activities or outcomes Visitor Services? 

* 5. Is there anything that you think could be improved with regards to activities or outcomes of Visitor Services?

* 6. Would you like someone from our Visitor Services Team to contact you regarding your feedback? If so, please leave your name and contact information below.