CoalWire Survey June 2017

CoalWire is a weekly email bulletin providing an overview of major developments on coal-related issues. A copy is also posted to the EndCoal website.

 Please fill out this 5-minute survey to help us improve CoalWire.

The survey will only be open until midnight Tuesday July 4 (AEST). To ensure your voice is heard, please fill in the survey now.

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Bob Burton

* 2. What is your interest in coal?

* 3. Overall, how do you rate CoalWire:

* 4. Please rate each of the sections of CoalWire according to their level of interest to you. (one answer per row)

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Editor's note
Features (original articles or highlighted blogs/articles)
Campaign updates (an update on campaign progress)
Top news (brief summary on approximately six stories)
Brief news (one sentence summary on approximately six stories)
Quotable quotes
Companies and markets (brief summary on approximately four to six stories)
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* 5. What are the things you least like about CoalWire?

* 6. Is the format of CoalWire right? Are there things that you would change about the format?

* 7. How often do you read CoalWire?

* 8. Do you think the frequency of CoalWire is

* 9. Do you read

* 10. If you have a Twitter account, about how many times have you retweeted a suggested tweet in CoalWire? (Skip this question if you don't use Twitter).

* 11. Do you have any suggestions for how to expand the distribution of CoalWire?

* 12. How could CoalWire be improved? Are there elements you would like more of? Are there elements you would like less of? Is there something missing?

By all means think big, but it would be helpful if you could prioritise your suggestions by listing in approximate order those that require little effort to those that require more resources and effort.

Thank you for your time, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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