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CCRW Feedback on the Standard on Employment Public Review Draft

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What is the Standard on employment?

In 2019, Accessibility Standards Canada (ASC) was created in 2019 under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) with the specific purpose of developing accessibility-related standards for federal private sector organizations and Government of Canada departments and agencies (and not private corporations and businesses, provincial or municipal organizations, or small to medium-sized enterprises). The Standard on employment was created as part of ASC's mandate to contribute to achieving a Canada without barriers by the year 2040.


What is Standardization?

The goal of standardization is to advance different kinds of objectives that all relate to the wellbeing of Canada and Canadian citizens: things like economic development, consumer protection, and the safety and welfare of workers. Standards are created through a process approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

Why is the Standard on employment important?

Important fact: All standards are voluntary and cannot be regulated or enforced.

BUT, once the Standard on employment is finalized, it will be published and submitted to the Minister of Diversity, Inclusion, and Persons with Disabilities.

The Minister may then choose to adopt all or part of the Standard into regulation, making those areas mandatory and enforceable.

So, we need your help to get it right!


What is CCRW's goal?

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) exists to support and promote the meaningful, equitable employment of people with disabilities.

As part of our strategic vision, CCRW aims to shares knowledge and influence policy with the goal of creating an accessible, inclusive Canada.

How can I provide feedback on the Standard on employment?

The public review time period closes on October 17th, 2023. Any interested individuals can share their feedback.

CCRW also wants to hear from you so we can all work together to refine the drafted Standard on employment. We believe if we amplify each other's voices, we are more likely to be heard.

The drafted Standard on employment is approximately 92 pages long. You can read the full draft of the Standard here (EN | FR). We have summarized our key recommendations in the following 8-page Brief: (EN | FR)

Our key recommendations are also summarized in the following 30-minute feedback survey.
Kindly leave your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and ideas over the next few slides for each of CCRW's recommendations.

CCRW has three key recommendations:

1. Define and amplify the concept of disability confidence.

2. Move away from representation targets as a way to achieve diversity, and refocus on strategizing, evaluating, and monitoring recruitment, retention, and advancement methods to create genuine inclusion.

3. Promote the development of a federal centralized accommodation fund to address accommodation needs and remove financial disincentives to accommodating workers.

You will have an opportunity to comment on each of the three key recommendations as well as provide any general comments, suggestions, and ideas over the following pages.

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