The 2016 Florida Legislature passed s. 394.4573(2)(e), F.S., which states that “each case manager or person directly supervising a case manager who provides Medicaid-funded targeted case management services shall hold a valid certification from a department-approved credentialing entity as defined in s. 397.311(9) by July 1, 2017, and, thereafter, within 6 months of hire.”  
The affected positions are: 
  • Mental Health Targeted Case Management Supervisors, serving the adult or child target populations.
  • Mental Health Targeted Case Managers, serving the adult or child target populations.
Before this law passed, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) established the minimum qualifications for an individual to be certified by AHCA to provide and bill for Medicaid-funded targeted case management services.  The new law has transferred this certification process from AHCA to the Florida Certification Board (FCB).  Note:  The Florida Certification Board (FCB) is a department-approved credentialing entity department-approved credentialing entity as defined in s. 397.311(9).
There is no change to agency enrollment or billing with AHCA, EXCEPT personnel must now be certified by FCB, rather than their employer (for case managers) or ACHA (for case manager supervisors).
FCB operates over 30 professional certification programs for health and human service professionals across Florida.  The FCB is currently developing a case management certification program in order to meet the requirements of this law.  By answering this survey, you are helping us make sure that we correctly define what a case manager and his or her supervisor need to know and be able to do in order to provide effective and efficient services to adults and children eligible for mental health targeted case management services.  Your responses will also help determine how many questions are on the certification exam for each core competency. 

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