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Your responses to the following questions will help us provide better climate change information products and services in future and ultimately guide better planning for climate resilience.

The survey will ask about who you are, the utility of the Climate Change in Australia website, and the value of information, engagement and support services. There are 15 questions which should take approximately 15–20 minutes to complete.

Your responses will be de-identified, and therefore anonymous. Results of the survey will be documented in a journal paper and in a report that will be published on the website. Further comparative studies may be undertaken in future.

This study has been approved in accordance with the ethical review processes of CSIRO within the guidelines of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

By completing this survey you have consented to the use of your information in this research.

Please complete this survey by Sunday 2 July 2017.


In 2015, CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology published updated Australian climate change projections for the 21st century. This was part of a broader project supported by the Department of the Environment through the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Planning for Climate Change Fund.

The projections are available through a range of products and services, including brochures, reports, web pages, online tools, data, videos, slides, training, webinars and a Help Desk. Projections information and data have been used by a range of stakeholders for a variety of uses, including climate change plans and fact sheets.

The primary means of delivering these products and services is the Climate Change in Australia website which has been live almost two years. Registrations on the website have rapidly grown to over 1,600 and continue to grow. The website has about 3,000 unique user sessions per month.

An initial survey of registered website users was conducted in March 2016, to collect feedback on the delivery of this projections information. Based on the responses, CSIRO has updated and added to the website, products and services.

Now, as part of the National Environmental Science Program Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, we are seeking feedback on these updated resources as part of our ongoing efforts to make them as relevant and useful as possible. A collated set of results from both surveys will be made available from the Climate Change in Australia website.
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