Welcome to the  2021 CCHS Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete our 2021 CCHS Parish Survey. We are collecting the opinions of parishioners 13 years of age and older on a variety of topics. The survey should take approximately 15-25 minutes. At the end of the survey you will have the option of providing your name and phone number to be entered into a prize drawing (those under 18 years of age are not eligible to receive a prize).  This information will be used for the purpose of the drawing only and is not required for completion of the survey. 
Your responses are valuable in identifying Parish strengths and areas of meaningful improvement, including religious services, events, ministries and general operations of the Parish.
COVID-19 has affected our Parish Community for over a year. We have added a COVID-19 Section to gather opinions on our Parish pandemic response.
There are 8 areas focusing on our Parish and an additional Demographic Section. Please respond as honestly and completely as possible. There are no right or wrong responses. General comments not covered in the survey are welcomed at the very end. 

Each statement is looking for your level of:
  Agreement with each statement concerning our Parish
1=Strongly Disagree →→   ‚ →→   5=…Strongly Agree
  Importance of each characteristic to you in relation to your overall
   satisfaction with our Parish.
1=Not Important →→   ‚→→  5=Very Important  
 Not Applicable where indicated, to you personally
         0 = NA
·  At the end of each section, there is an area to leave comments pertaining to that particular section.
·  All responses will be compiled in aggregate. No personal responses will be  identified.
·  Demographic information collected makes it possible to assess separately the responses received from different genders, ages, ethnicities and parishioner activity levels.
·  All information will be summarized and communicated to all parishioners. All actions taken by the Parish based on survey responses will be communicated and open for comment(s) by the Parish Community.
We appreciate your participation in the survey which supports our passion and commitment, keeping our Parish Community vibrant and growing in faith following the teachings of Jesus Christ.
CCHS Survey Team
Joan Baker             
Frank Bruzek (Chairperson)         
Doug Kalbach           
George Kniaz             
Jack McElwee                     
John McGonigle                 
Teresa Ruehlicke           
Bill Singer         
Mark Wehrle             
Stacie Zak
If you have questions related to the survey, please contact:  
CCHS Parish Office   856-478-2294