It’s your chance to get involved! It’s a chance to share what you see is working well in the community as well as a chance to say what things would make the Central Coast an even better place to live. By taking part, your responses will help in the drafting of a Wellbeing Plan for the Central Coast. A wellbeing plan looks at ways to support everyone in the community in terms of education, health and feeling connected.  The survey is in 3 sections and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. The survey will close on 14 November 2021.

Your participation is voluntary. All efforts will be made to protect your privacy and confidentially in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act. You can request a copy of the Beacon Foundation Privacy Policy. And if you have any questions about this survey and/or project, please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Blake, Site Lead, Beacon Foundation, Collective ed. Central Coast.  Email:

If you need any support around issues raised for you by the questions, please contact Lifeline at